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2013 Review and 2014 Intentions | Born Naked

Thank you, 2013! 

Last year I was introduced to myself again. I learned to enjoy my own company, had the best summer of my life, built/found community, made new friends, learned new things, became more ME! Last year, I:

  • Lovingly parted ways from my husband. We now have a more equal, loving, and close relationship, and have come more into ourselves as people.
  • Spent an amazing, transformative three weeks at a yoga ashram in Australia. Did yoga once. (Yoga nidra doesn’t count).
  • Spent a rejuvenating month in Thailand doing almost nothing but processing and integrating.
  • Flew back to the US, reconnected with my sister, and moved back to Portland! Found a place to live. Found a job.
  • Discovered group yoga, and shortly after, acroyoga. Did very little else for the next five months.
  • Created a new business–and a new business paradigm–with a friend and business partner. Had so much fun creating something that’s the closest I’ve ever come to what I really want to do!
  • Survived a month of pneumonia.
  • Attempted and completed NaNoWriMo for the second time! This time I put a lot of my wild, magical, mystical self into my novel. I really want to revise it this year and maybe eventually try to publish it, because I think, in some ways, I am writing my own story.
  • Started learning about the relationship between vulnerability and power. Began to embrace my own vulnerability, practice receiving and asking for help, and recognize that my vulnerability doesn’t make me weaker–it makes me stronger and more powerful.

It’s been a big year.

Hello, 2014! 

Here are my intentions for this new year, partially inspired by the New Year’s tarot reading that I gave myself. I will:

  • Meditate every day. Become friends with silence. Soften. Yield. Surrender to the Flow. Let go. Receive. Allow. Release ego and that which no longer serves me. Stay centered amongst the whirlwind.
  • Practice handstands and inversions every day that I am physically able.
  • Practice being a conduit for the Creator, allow myself to write more (and draw, paint, create music).
  • Become more vulnerable. Put myself out there, expose my soft parts. Accept and ask for help. Open myself up. And the other side of that coin:
  • Acknowledge my strength and power. Take responsibility for my actions, my power, creating my reality. Speak and live my truth. Move fully into my power. Release the fear that holds me back.
  • Live my life with integrity. Is what I’m doing right now how I want to spend my precious moments on earth? Is this consistent with who I want to be?
  • Maintain my perspective, every day. Memento mori. Life is a game. We are here to play!
  • Open up to guidance, and move at its pace.
  • Do things only if they are a “HELL YES!” Otherwise, they’re a no.

This year I become the most me I have ever been. I want to be all me, all of the time. Man, it is scary to write this, to want this. I want to be all me, all of the time. Joyfully, wildly, deeply, unreservedly, unapologetically ME!


One Response to 2013 Review and 2014 Intentions

  1. Kevin Kellogg says:

    Trying to reconnect with your Dad Michael thanks

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